Partition Walls

Partition walls can be used effectively within residential, commercial and industrial buildings alike and are a more cost effective, manageable solution.

Partition Walls West Midlands

Partition walls are non-load bearing walls that separate rooms and spaces in buildings. As well as providing spatial division, they can also provide; privacy, acoustic and fire separation and flexibility of layout.

Partition walls can be solid or hollow typically constructed from brick/block work or can be framed construction. Framed partitions walls are in some cases referred to as stud walls and can be constructed from timber, steel or aluminum frames cladded with boarding such as plasterboard, timber, metal or fiberboard. Partition walls can also be glazed which is referred to as a glass wall partition.

Wall partitions may be purpose-designed and constructed or can be part of a modular system, and can incorporate many elements as you would expect of that on a normal wall such as openings, windows, doors, pipework, wall sockets, wiring and skirting board.

The specification of any partition wall will depend on the requirements for weight, cost, speed of installation, availability of materials, longevity, durability, flexibility, ease of reconfiguration, sound and fire insulation and surface finish. They may also be required to a perform a secondary structural role, for example supporting cupboards or shelving.